Items Affecting Your Payment


Quantity or price revisions may necessitate adjustments to your payment. If you were either overpaid or underpaid, adjustments are necessary to correct the previous payment. It is a good idea to keep your check detail for future reference, in the event adjustments occur.

Overpayments (Negative Balance)

In the event an owner is overpaid, adjustments are processed to recoup the overpayment. If the recoupment amount is larger than the owner’s current month payment, the owner is said to have a “negative balance.” When the amount due the owner reaches the required minimum balance amount ($100.00), the owner will begin receiving checks again.


On occasion, payments are held in suspense because of the transfer of a property interest from one owner to another, a death notice, a lack of address, or other legal or operational issues. Amounts due are accumulated and are released when the matter in question has been resolved and Pacer Energy marketing has received and processed all related documents. All payments are retroactive to the date of the suspension.